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Hello, my name is Louis, I am Nigerian and have lived in London, United Kingdom for the most part of my life.


Like many people I aimed to be in a 'normal' career, I actually wanted to be a petrochemical engineer, I liked the big title; petrochemical engineer, lol. To cut the long story short, I went on to study business, and currently have two business degrees. Talk about change in direction!


My first job was as a cleaner in a supermarket, I then became a customer service assistant there. And within a year, I progressed to the department manager position and eventually Store Manager.


These days, with the support of a team remotely based around the world, I run my own business. I am really happy with what I do now, because it allows me spend time with my wife and two little kids, explore my hobbies (photography and travel). And very importantly I help others set up similar businesses.